You Must See the Interior Design of This 337 Sq. Ft. Cozy Tiny House!

You have to take a look inside this spacious tiny house on wheels to get a feel for what this tiny house design is all about. Not only is the location for this tiny house design perfect, but the interior matches the surrounding landscape. Inside there is plenty of white wood with wooden ceiling and wooden floors. The gray kitchen cabinets and eat in kitchen table makes this tiny house feel anything but small. The nice thing about this tiny house on wheels is the innovative two large motorized slide outs that give this tiny house design more than enough room. The downstairs bedroom is a nice addition for people who don't want to climb a ladder to get to bed every night. This tiny house on wheels is made by ZeroSquared, a Canadian based tiny house design company that is changing the way people think about tiny homes. The Aurora tiny house on wheels is a 26-foot tiny house that makes the width of the tiny house design 15 feet 10 inches wide and totals 337 square-feet in size. This extra space in the tiny house on wheels allows for the main floor bedroom, the large living room, the full kitchen with dining area, and a full bathroom. There is also a tiny nook that makes the perfect work/office space. The tiny house on wheels is constructed using a custom-designed rolling chassis and structural insulated panels.

The company who designed this innovative small house on wheels is different in many ways. Their tiny house designs make sense to a large spectrum of people and change the way people look at tiny house designs. These tiny house designs appeal to many people who are considering a downsize of their homes. And while many tiny homes prove to be environmentally thoughtful, it is not always an easy thing for people to adapt to many of the tiny house designs. So with the tiny houses on wheels by ZeroSquare, the designs are especially appealing for people who don't like the thought of having a bedroom loft that they can't stand up in. Having a bedroom on the main floor of a tiny house design is a big game changer for people. The Aurora with its bedroom on the main floor uses the expandable design to make the tiny home a whole lot more comfortable and accessible to those who may not be able to use a ladder or climb up cramped stairs easily. The tiny house designs are made with environmentally-friendly structural insulated building panels and are CSA and RVIA compliant which makes these tiny house designs able to get insurance and financing easily. These tiny homes are built to very high standards.

Tiny houses on wheels can be used for a variety of uses from full-time living, vacation homes, backyard offices, guest houses, artist studios, writers retreats and more. The nice thing about tiny house designs is that you can move them around your property to take advantage of seasonal changes or move them to a new property when needed. With so many tiny house designs to choose from, there is something to suit most any budget and lifestyle need. There is sure to be a tiny house design from the micro house to the tiny house on wheels and everything in between.

This is just one of the tiny houses on wheels you will find on the Tiny Living site. The site is a great place to start if tiny house living is something you are considering, with a wide variety of tiny house designs to draw inspiration from. **

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