Top 10 Reasons the Moon Landings Could Be a Hoax

What can you say about this proposed theory that moon landing is a hoax? Its impossible. How could it become a hoax? Photos are shown! And those are enough to believe that someone really landed on the moon. I think Im going to hold on to this theory. Yes, there might be pictures shown to everyone, but the conspiracy theorists have also shown enough and strong evidences to support that moon landing could be a hoax. Guys, I think we are undecided here. We have different opinions about this moon landing hoax. But I must say that the other guy is right. Conspiracy theorists have presented strong evidences too to make us convince that NASA faked the moon landing. Well, here are three of the ten reasons why moon landing could be a hoax.

Number one is the waving flag. Honestly, I have asked myself the same question too. Ive always have a deep fascination towards astronomy since grade school and I've been taught that the moon does not have air or wind. And this picture seems to contradict what I believe in. Why is the flag waving when there is no presence of wind in the outer space? Well, I think we'll have to hold this thought until someone is brave enough to answer. Second is the lack of stars. I've wondered why there are no stars present in the picture from NASA. If the photos I take in my poor-quality camera can show at least 5 stars, why can't this much privilege camera? I, too, would say that this is impossible. And another evidence that is presented is the C Rock. Is it possible to engrave when you're on the moon? Conspiracy theorists have said that the rock is merely a prop and that someone has mistakenly placed the rock in a wrong way. *silence*

Want to read more evidences? Just click the link below and I'll give you the time to think about it for you to be able to come up with a better judgment. NASA has presented their explanations in the site too. One question. Go ahead. Who can confirm that moon landing is not a hoax? Well, those who are wearing the space suits in the photo could give us the answers we long to hear.

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