Top 10 Most Creative & Inspiring Log Cabin Blueprints

So you think you would like to build a log cabin. It has become increasingly evident that careful planning is of paramount importance, especially in regard to small, low-cost dwellings. Planning and design of smaller homes with the best possible room arrangement, as well as an advantageous appearance, is of paramount importance.

In the low-cost house, the principle of plan efficiency, economic use of materials and proper equipment which are important in any class of dwelling, becomes increasingly important. Here every square foot of space, every odd corner, every length of pipe, as well as every foot of timber must be used to the best advantage.

Due to the interest in design and construction of such dwelling, plans have been developed by companies that specialize in this.

Deciding on the right floor plan for your needs takes careful consideration. You need to think about all facets of your life. How many people will live there, do you want pets, a fireplace, a porch? How do you plan to heat it, what kinds of windows and doors were you imagining? What about the roof pitch? Where is the cabin going to be situated? Do you get a lot of snow or none at all?

Is this a year round place or vacation home. How do you see the interior being finished off? How many bedrooms would you like? Do you want a two-story home or is a rancher better for you?

What about the location you are hoping to build on. Is it flat or will you need to be blasting rocks to put in the foundation.

For every question, you answer, there will be another one to consider. The planning and blueprint stage is the most critical. Although it may seem costly to have a professional designer and engineer, it is a lot less cost to make changes on paper than it is once you are under construction.

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