This Tiny House Is Full of Charm and Style

Small house living is revolutionizing the way people think about homes and living spaces. This tiny house is full of charm and style, and is one of the cutest tiny house designs you've probably seen. The design comes from a tiny house building company in France known as La Tiny House. They share photos of their beautiful tiny houses on their Facebook page where they garner a lot of attention and acclamation. This tiny house design has over 600 likes on it, and people have also been praising the design with amazing comments. The design is very original, with all of the curves and waves in the design. Most tiny house designs are very linear and boxy, which also looks great, but for people who prefer a more organic design, a design like this would be perfect. It almost reminds us of the old caravans and wagons that settlers lived in as they traveled from place to place with their home being carried by horse. This tiny house design from La Tiny House is one of their Tiny Stream models. They also feature two other models, The Tiny Appalache, and the Tiny Granville. The other two designs look more like a conventional home, with their angles and edges.

The Tiny Stream houses, start at the price of around 23,500 Euro which is their most affordable tiny house design. The design proves how fun tiny house living can be, with the cute little door and the arched roof, making it look like a cool caravan. They also used two different colours of siding separated by a wavy line which adds so much appeal to the exterior of the home. There are just some little steps leading up to the door which makes it easy to get up and tow the trailer, but if there were a more permanent parking situation, they could create a nice deck or patio off of the tiny house. Not only does the arched roof look cool from the outside, it really opens up the space on the insider of the tiny house, making so much more ceiling room. Expanding the ceiling space allows for more head room in the lofts which is nice because no one likes to feel really cramped when their spending time in the loft. Another way to make the loft space bigger is to lower the floor of the loft, so that the living room and kitchen areas have a lower ceiling. This is fine for people who are not so tall and could be an option, but if you're taller, you may want to keep the ground floor ceilings a bit higher.

Tiny houses on wheels must be within highway clearances, meaning that they are usually within the measurements of 8 feet wide, by 13 feet high and up to 30 feet long. These are the standard sizes of RVs as well, which make them easier to tow down the road without needing a special permit or pilot driver. People who have a tiny house built and ready to be lived in also need to find a place to park their tiny house on wheels. It's best to start looking for a parking spot while your tiny house building is still underway so you have something in place when it's all finished. There are some RV parks that will allow tiny houses to park permanently. It just depends on where you live. There are also people with land or even just a drive way who will allow people to park their tiny houses. It just takes some looking and asking around and you'll find a great place to park your tiny house on wheels.***

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