People Love Color and Interior of This Little Tiny House Cleveland

Have a look at this awesome tiny house available for rent. People love the colour and interior of this little tiny house in Cleveland, Ohio. For only around $100 per night, guests can stay in this super cute tiny house and feel what small house living would be like. Whether you're traveling to Ohio and just need a place to crash, or you are interested in small house design and want to build your own tiny house, this would be a great little place to rent out. Staying in a hotel costs just about the same price, but you don't get that same feeling of being at home, or a place to cook your own meals. Plus, people love to stay at other people's houses when they visit a city so that they can feel like they live there, so they get the true experience of what it feels like to be a part of the city life. This house is actually Cleveland's first permanent tiny house, and it's built in an Eco village in a neighbourhood called the Detroit Shoreway area. Close to the Art District, it would be a great place for artsy people to visit and enjoy checking out some of the galleries and exhibits in the city.

The exterior colour is definitely amazing and is what most people first notice about the house. The nice green, with a yellow door is just so much fun and it's very artistic in it's own right. Inside the home the small house design is much more subdued in it's colour pallet. With mainly neutral, cool tones and pops of blue here and there. The ceilings soar high overhead, making the home seem a lot larger than it actually is, and there's even a spot on the wall to attach a ladder to climb up to a loft area. The main area is well designed with an open concept living room and kitchen area. The kitchen is actually pretty large for a small house design and has full sized appliances which is great for people who love to cook. The bedroom is on the main floor, so no need to worry about scaling the ladder every night, and there is also a bathroom on the main level as well. There are 2 bedrooms in the home, so perhaps one of them is in the loft which could accommodate a couple more people.

If you are considering to build your own tiny house, staying in a tiny house is a great way to get acclimatized to small house living. If you're just in the early stages of your small house design, it's also great to stay in a variety of tiny houses to see what kind of design you like best. Figure out if you prefer sleeping on the main level or in a loft, decide if you could make do with small appliances or if you need full sized ones. All of these things are important to consider before creating your own designs and before your start to build your own tiny house. This tiny house will only be available to stay in until September of 2017, and after that, it will be put on the market to buy. So even if you live in the area and are interested in buying a pre made tiny house, you could have the chance to buy this one perhaps. Many people buy older small houses that were built in the post war era and fix them up to suit a more modern lifestyle, which can also be a great idea for small house living that wouldn't have you starting from scratch.***

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