One Pot Spaghetti

This One Pot Spaghetti recipe will have your mouth watering just from the picture. You will be dialing your friends to tell them about this before youre even done eating. So it may sound a little crazy, but seriously, this pasta is no ordinary one-pot spaghetti where you put the jar of store bought sauce in the pan and call in homemade. This effortless combination of cream, garlic and chicken broth blend perfectly together creating a rich, creamy sauce that is sure to delight. Whip it up when youre craving that comfort food or enjoy it as a weekly pasta meal.

This recipe comes to us from Jessi on Nummies who is always searching for simple gourmet recipes, because eating well and having free time shouldnt be exclusive. Nummies has a weekly menu alongside many quick, delicious and most importantly, healthy recipes. For you convenience, it also features a conversion table and a metric conversion. Now, dont have to go running around the house looking for that conversion chart in the back of your grandmothers old cookbook which is what I end up doing! Jessi suggest pairing this pasta with a chicken dish, or better yet, adding some chicken right into the pasta.

This recipe can be modified to fit many dietary needs. For instance, the cream can be substituted for a less fat version, the spaghetti can be gluten-free and the chicken broth could be vegetable broth for the vegetarians out there. If making for a large group of people, it is even possible to make a few different versions to suit everyones needs, though that might turn it into a three-pot spaghetti recipe instead of one! Either way, the clean up for this dish is very simple, and therefore makes for a great dinner when youre in a rush or just tired from work and dont want to spend time doing dishes.

Here are some details about the creator of this recipe site. When Jessi got married she started taking cooking and baking more seriously as part of her quest to become the perfect wife. She soon realized that all it takes is a great recipe to trick people into thinking you are an amazing chef. This recipe blog is for the ordinary chef, like myself herself, recipe she has collected from her family and friends, so if you would like to contribute you can also email her, she'll make your recipe for her husband and then feature it on the blog! Some of the recipes you will find on her site include; Lime Chicken Fajitas recipe, this recipe came from trying to think outside the box and realizing she just so happened to have the ingredients for these fajitas on hand and they were delicious. They were so easy to make and super healthy; Turkey rice soup recipe, this soup recipe will have you coming back for seconds, and it's nice and light so you won't feel weighed down when you eat it; Ritzy chicken recipe, this soup recipe is delicious and it's so easy to make. You can serve it with these potatoes and made a quick cream of mushroom gravy to serve over the whole thing.

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