Montana Chalet Log Cabin Kit just $65,000 Click to View Floor Plans and Photo Gallery

This pre-assembled Montana Chalet Log Cabin Kit just $65,000 Click to View Floor Plans and Photo Gallery can also have pre-assembled log railings added to its package. This stunning log cabin kit has 2000 square feet of living space, with a main floor with 1,200 square feet of space, and a loft that has 800 square feet of space. This log home build is in a stunning location, with natural scenic views that make it especially easy to envision yourself living in this log home. The photo gallery of this Montana Chalet Log Cabin Kit shows off this stunning log home.

You will want to take a look at the Meadowlark Log Homes site for this stunning log cabin build, along with plenty of other log home designs to choose from. The Montana Chalet log home is a popular choice of log home for customers of the log home company. The log home cabin hit is great for families or people wanting to have a second home to get away to. This log cabin has a simple beauty, with clean lines, and functional design that people love. This log home is the thing that dreams are made of, in a log home design that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Did you know that when you live in a log home or log cabin you can save an astounding thirty percent utility cost savings over traditionally built homes? The log home builds with Meadowlark's Log Homes have a legendary log wall system that is thick and highly efficient compared to other homes or log homes that have thinner walls (a good thing to remember when looking at other log home designs). Meadowlark Log Homes have a flat on flat style of log building system that results in higher insulation values.

Meadowlark Log Homes are Amish Log Home builders who have a long reputation of taking pride and being passionate about the log homes that they make. They have making log homes for many generations and know what it takes to build a quality log home. Meadowlark Log Homes builds their log home packages out of Northwest Montana, and offer all sorts of log home builds from small log cabins of approximately 100 square feet, larger log chalets, and log homesteads, up to larger log lodges of over 3000 square feet. So you know that whatever style, size or plan of log home build you need, they can do that for you.

Imagine waking up after a snowfall in your log home surrounded by mountains, and forest, and putting the logs into the stone fireplace to start a fire in your log cabin great room. There is something we just can't resist about log homes. From rustic, to modern and contemporary, and all sorts of styles in between. Log homes, log chalets, and log cabins have been filling our dreams for hundreds of years. There is nothing quite like a log cabin in the woods, whether it is your full-time home or your log cabin getaway, log cabins are loved.

The nice thing about log homes and log cabin builds is that they are built out of the renewable resource trees, and that's important. Many homes today use materials that are nonrenewable, and that's not a good thing. By building a log home out of renewable logs, you know that you are doing something that is better for the environment, and better in the long run for our planet. There is also something special about living in a home made of a natural material, it ties you closer to the place you live, and it is also a healthier option provided any finishes in the house also have non-toxic finishes.

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