Mmmm Cream Cheese Crepes

If you are tired of your dull morning breakfast routine and are searching web page after web page for that perfect recipe to try tomorrow, look no further. This recipe will teach you how to make Sauted Cream Cheese Crepes in no time. These crispy treats will put a smile on your face and will keep you full until lunchtime. Forget making oatmeal, French toast, or scrambled eggs, and try this scrumptious recipe today! You will not regret it! These crepes only take a few minutes to make, and can be heated up later if you get full. I often save them for a day and eat them for breakfast two days in a row. So, join me tomorrow morning in making a luscious breakfast that will make you dance in your socks! Thats right. Grab a pair of wool socks, a frying pan, and your Sauted Cream Cheese Crepes recipe, and let the fun begin!

Aside from being filled with sweet goodness, these Sauted Cream Cheese Crepes are soft, simple, and have a hint of caramel. While making them does not take time, you will need to pay close to attention to them while they are in the frying pan. If you focus your attention on something else for too long, your beautiful crepes will burn. Dont let this happen! I have done it before! While crepes are a little more complicated than making pancakes, their flavor beats any flavorless piece of cooked batter. Forget the pancakes, and try something creative. So, buy some eggs, vanilla extra, etc. and be prepared to begin your cooking endeavor tomorrow!

Summer is ending, and while that means that our days of eating watermelon are over, we do have warm meals to look forward to! Many of us have great dinner recipes for this time of year, such as Spaghetti, soups, hamburgers, etc., but many of us do not know what to make for breakfast. As we brace for the winter, we are going to want to learn some new breakfast recipes that do not take long to make and that keep us warm and cozy. I know I am always hunting for something to warm my belly during this time of year. These Sauted Cream Cheese Crepes are perfect! If you are about to go out in the rain or snow, it is a great idea to eat one or two of these first. If it is a snow day or the weekend, have your children help you when everyone is home and it is too cold to go outside. They will enjoy it just as much as you. While you fry the first batch, they can use the mixer and roll out the dough. Doesnt that sound fun! I promise that your kids will love it!

So, you have finally found the recipe you will use tomorrow for breakfast. Print it, share it, and enjoy it. Spice it up with your own fillings if you so desire. What is important is that you have fun with these crepes and share this recipe with those around you. I have been sharing it with all of my friends, and they have been grateful. Dont worry if you mess up your crepes the first time. You simply need to make more batter and try again. Good luck, and enjoy!

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