How To Clean Your Greasy Range Hood Filter

If you are like me you always keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Every day I wash all the dishes, wipe down the counters, clean the sinks and sweep the floors. Every week or so I clean the fridge and wipe down appliances and cupboards. I also clean the oven and reorganize my pantry fairly regularly. But there is one thing in my kitchen that I tend to forget about when it comes to cleaning. The range hood filter over my oven is out of sight and therefore out of my mind when I do my usual cleaning. You might be thinking that if you cannot see it then what does it matter if it is not clean. It is true, your house guests are not going to know if your range filter has not been cleaned in over a year. H

One Good Thing has found a solution to this problem that does not require any harsh chemical degreasers. I always prefer to use nontoxic solutions in my home, because I spend a lot of time at home and I don't want dangerous chemicals in my living space. So this solution appeals to me. All you need is a really big pot, some water and some baking soda. Try this solution and you will be amazed at how much grease and gunk comes off of your oven filter in the process, especially if it has been a while since the last time you cleaned it. After cleaning your filter with this simple, efficient technique you will likely notice that your filter is working better than ever.

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