Here's an Amazing Tiny House on Wheels Arrives in Belgium

This amazing tiny house on wheels has just arrived in Belgium. Not quite a caravan, not quite a house, this sweet little mobile micro home is a bit of both and something more. The Wildernest, as its lovingly called by its designers, is a mobile cabin prototype that can be planted anywhere youd like to call home. Its currently making its rounds throughout Belgium, France, and the rest of Europe, and people have an opportunity to rent it for a night or two to see what living in a tiny house is like. The tiny house movement is only just beginning to land in Belgium and Europe, and the Wildernest is the first of its kind in this part of the world. In fact, when creators Thomas and Charles Dorlodot Lambrechts set about designing it, they had very little to go on. There werent any mobile tiny houses available in Belgium at that time. And so, they had to enlist the help of Taiga, a team of expert wood craftsmen, to help them fulfill their dream.

The Wildernest blueprint was born out of a conversation between brothers Thomas and Charles they were interested in all of the tiny homes sprouting up in North America, and wanted to see if they could build something similar in Europe. As a professional athlete and paraglider, Thomas travels a great deal. He thought a mobile tiny home would be a great place to stay as he moved from competition to competition. He and Charles called upon their friends, and together they built the Wildernest in just 500 hours, after many weeks of intensive planning and preparation. They thought of every last detail, including insulation, windows, the kitchen area, the sleeping loft, and the wood stove. They considered the type of wood they would use red cedar being the most durable and weather-resistant, as well as douglas and robinia. They designed their very own specialized furniture that would be secured to the floor and walls, doubling as storage space. They didnt want people to feel like they were trapped in a shoebox when they stayed in the Wildernest. Thats why they included the large picture windows, light-and-bright fir panelling, and white paint for the tiny house interior. Theres also a mini front landing to sit or sleep on. They wanted the entire project to have great aesthetic appeal. The result is breathtaking. The Wildernest is a hand-crafted work of art that anyone would be proud to call home.

Tiny homes are taking over the world, one country at a time. Going tiny is just such a practical option at a time when more people are on the move, wanting simpler lives and inexpensive options. Because the tiny house movement is so new to Belgium, there isnt very much legislation dictating what you can and cannot do with a mobile tiny home. In France, on the other hand, a structure like the Wildernest is considered to be a caravan. Belgium will have to do something with its laws soon, because more tiny houses are on the way. Thomas and Charles and their friends have founded the Wildernest company, and are now building mobile micro homes to order, including some that are completely off-grid ready. Off grid means they are self-contained and have no need for sewer, water, or electrical hook-ups. Theyll include compost toilets, solar panels, and other great alternatives. The Wildernest team encourages potential tiny house owners to dream big when they go tiny, and theyll help you make that dream come true. You can visit their website or follow them on Facebook to stay in touch with their latest creations.*

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