Even Serious Scientists Are Puzzled: Does This Creature Come from Another Planet?

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One of the ongoing questions that mankind has in this life is if there is life outside our planet. Could it be that aliens exist? There are some people who claim that they have seen them walked among us, leaving trails and evidences. But could we rely on these theories and testimonies? Today you will read another story about a baby alien that was seen by a man lurking in a farm somewhere in Mexico. The creature was said to succumb to its fear while walking on earth.

Some scientist found the alien and took it with him to run some DNA tests with it. He brought it in the lab together with other scientists to find out if the said baby was a real alien or just a product of mutation. After the tests, they learned that the creature had an unusual large brain that means it is very intelligent. According to their findings, the creature also looks like a hybrid of a human being and a lizard. Whether we like it or not, this could indeed create an impact in our society. The question remains, could it be that they came from outer space or they have already been around our planet only we have no idea about their way of life in our realm.

A lot of people are still skeptical and are still wondering if this recent discovery is even reliable and true. So far, it has been in mainstream media and local news in Mexico so we could probably assume the discovery’s credibility is to be trusted. It has also gone viral online, since there was a video posted by the man who caught it on tape. We must warn you that the video is quite creepy.

To know more about this baby alien, check out the YouTube below.

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