Easiest and Quickest Way to Clean Your Wooden Cutting Board

Get some new cleaning tips and learn some simple life hacks from this great video from 5-Minute Crafts on YouTube. We could all stand to learn some ways to make our lives easier, right? Especially when things get a little busier than usual, and you need to save time, or maybe your budget is a little stretched and you need to save some money. Whatever the case may be, even if you're not strapped for cash or time, it's always better to do things the easier way. People have been using hacks for hundreds of years, but in the past, a hack was more likely to be called a household tip or trick. Back then, these tips were circulated by word of mouth or by little books of household cleaning tips and tricks, but now, you just have to pop online, and you'll find a whole bunch of simple life hacks that make our lives easier. These 23 cleaning tips might be a little strange, but they get the job done, which is all that matters. You may have never thought of using soda to remove gum from your hair, or using WD-40 to remove ink marks from surfaces, but it's always worth a try. Here are a few of the great simple life hacks and cleaning tips from the video.

1. Our cutting boards are probably one of the most germ-filled surfaces in our kitchens. Especially if you're using your cutting board to cut raw meat and fish. Give your cutting board a proper, thorough cleaning with this hack. Grab a lemon and cut it in half, rub the fleshy part of the lemon all over the cutting board. Then take a handful of coarse salt and sprinkle it all over the board. Let the two ingredients sit on the cutting board for at least 15 minutes. Then rinse off and dry with a clean cloth. The lemon and salt will work to disinfect your cutting board and will also get into any crevices to remove food and bacteria.

2. Instead of buying silver cleaner, save yourself some money by using a few simple ingredients to clean your silver jewellery and pieces. Fill a pot up with water and throw in a ball of aluminium foil, then add in a spoonful of baking soda. Let the water heat up to a boil and then put your silver pieces into the water and leave it in there for a few minutes while the water boils. You can attach strings to your silver pieces, so they're easier to remove once you're ready to pull them out. Once you pull them out, they'll be sparkling like new again.

3. If it's your toilet that needs a good cleaning, make your own toilet bombs to banish the build up in your toilet. Mix together some baking soda, citric acid, and dish soap together in a bowl until you have a nice, thick paste. You can also add 12-20 drops of essential oils to give these toilet bombs a fresh scent. Once you have your mixture ready, simply put it into moulds or ice cube trays and let it dry for around 2 hours. Then throw one in your toilet and let it fizz up and clean your toilet bowl. Scrub with a toilet brush as usual and then flush.

4. Did you know you can use toothpaste for so many cleaning hacks? Use it to polish up your faucets or your headlights, as well as remove stains from your iron and so much more.

These are only a few of the awesome hacks that can make our lives easier, so watch the entire video and try them all out.***

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