Don't Miss These Inspiring and Incredible Treehouses by Peter Nelson

Of all the fun wood projects to build, building a tree house has to be one of the most fun projects there is. Don't miss these inspiring and incredible tree houses by Peter Nelson. As a child, you may have dreamed of having your very own tree house, or maybe you were lucky enough to have one. Images of childhood fun enter into our minds as soon as we see one of these whimsical structures, and part of us wants a chance to go back and relive some of those good old days. The good thing is, it's never too late to enjoy yourself and do the things that bring you contentment. Who says as adults we're too old to have a tree house? The other thing is, these little houses aren't too difficult to build and not too expensive either. Since they're so small, they require less materials to build, so the building could be done with recycled and reused wood and materials. Building out of reclaimed materials also works as a great way to recycle leading to less waste thrown in the landfill. You can find reusable materials on community buy and sell websites like craigslist or Varagesale which are essentially online garage sale sites. Usually there will be a section on the website for the reusable materials that are left over from other building projects, or have been accumulated from tearing down older buildings.

Most of the tree houses we see in these beautiful photos seem to be hand built by everyday people in various styles and sizes. The micro home builders put their own personality into their tree house and made it their own. What they use their little houses up in the tree tops for is unknown, but we can imagine them using the spaces as a little cabin to retreat to when life gets a little too overwhelming. Or maybe a studio to paint or create music in. Perhaps some of them are used as a cozy bed and breakfast rented out to people who want to experience sleeping up in the trees. The micro home builders could have built them for their own children even. Whatever their purpose, all of these little houses are so charming and adorable. If you're not keen on building a tree house up in the trees, you could consider just building a little cabin on the ground, or a play house for your kids. Kids love to have a little house of their own, a space to call their own and decorate how they like. It allows them to start developing an idea of how life will be like when they grow up. If you ever had a play house of any type, you'll know that it was probably a highlight of your childhood.

There are a lot of other fun wood projects to build that you can find online. Many of them include using recycled materials like wooden pallets. Wood pallets are extremely easy to obtain, and if you live in a city, they're even easier to track down and get your hands on a few of them. Just go to places that receive large shipments of merchandise; grocery stores, warehouses, big box stores, and the like. Usually you can just get the pallets for free, but some may sell them to you for a low price. Ripping the pallets apart is what takes a bit more effort, but with a good tutorial from YouTube you'll have some good pallet wood to use for any of your building projects. Enjoy this great compilation of tree house photos from Sycamore Street Press.***

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