Choose a Jedi and Find Out What Your Choice Says About YOU

1 – Yoda

Your primary strength is your wisdom, and what you lack in looks or physical size, you make up for by being able to outsmart most anyone. Your friends are the closest to you and the ones in whom you confide and help the most. Sometimes you may feel like your roots are a world away from where you are now, but you have an inner confidence that comes from your tenacious will and spirit. Your inner force “guides” you and you have a natural ability to lead people through the wisdom you have acquired.

2 – Obi-Wan Kenobi

Cunning, clever and sharp witted, you’re a born leader and quick on your feet, both mentally and physically. The force is truly within you! Whether you need to convince one individual, or an entire crowd of people about a particular cause or mission, you’re the best candidate to do it. People listen to you and will follow you (to any planet) because they believe in you. You are compassionate and see the best in people, even those who let you down. You believe you have the strength to change people, although this might be the impossible mission of all.

3 – Anakin

For all of the great qualities and talents you have, there is also a dark side to you. You are hot-tempered and power hungry, which can lead to overindulgence or ruin of your current circumstances. You love hard, but you fall terribly if you get your heart broken. There is an underlying sadness that you cannot express, yet it comes through in various emotions. This can become like a roller coaster of highs and lows, so when you are happy, you are on top of the world, but when you are sad or angry, it may feel as though the ground is ripping from underneath you. Be mindful of your feelings and find positive ways to express them.

4 – Luke Sywalker

People see you as humble, innocent or even a bit naïve. But underneath these characteristics, you are a dedicated and unbelievably strong person. You are close to your family and love your parents, siblings and your friends more than anything in the world, and there is nothing you would not do for them. You have a genuinely good soul, are good-looking, and have a healthy balance between introverted and extroverted.

5 – Mace Windu

You are noble, tenacious and like to be different than anyone else. Like your “Jedi” choice, you would rather have a unique colored light-saber to fight your way through life (Mace’s was the only purple). Most of the time you are serious and carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. It is difficult for you to laugh or have a sense of humor, except on your own terms. This is because you have a natural distrust of most people, either because of past hurts or simply because you know the world can be a dark place. As a result, there are only a small, select handful of people in whom you are close to.

6 – Qui-Gon Jinn

You live in the moment and do not think too much about tomorrow or yesterday. It is your natural will to do the right thing, whether it comes to human rights, good and evil, or right and wrong. It is your belief that everything happens for a reason and you have natural defiance for authority if it does not coincide with your beliefs. You are not keen on any kind of government power and would rather take matters into your own hands, knowing that you have a better chance of defending your country against enemies without the corruption of politicians. You have a lot of great skills, such as fixing things, teaching, athletic prowess and a clever mind.