Beautiful Small Log Cabin Kits can be SURPRISINGLY Inexpensive

Who wouldn’t want to live in a log cabin? Getting away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life, getting back to the basics, enjoying a life close to nature… Ah, that would be the life indeed! If you, too, are dreaming of log cabin living, how about checking out these Beautiful Small Log Cabin Kits? Who knows, one of these could be the perfect log cabin for you!

Log cabins have been around for thousands of years. According to archaeological findings, they started showing up in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia around 3500 BC, but it’s very possible they go back much farther.

As far as North American history is concerned, many historians agree it was the Swedish settlers who first started building log cabin homes in Delaware on the East Coast in the 1630's. During the American Revolution, when the 13 Colonies were united against the British and they started to share each other’s customs, and that’s when log cabin building started to catch on.

After the Revolution, as American settlers migrated westward, they found forests in great abundance and log cabins were so easy to build. The only materials required, really, were logs and an axe or a saw. It only took one man about two weeks to build a log cabin, and far less if he had a helper. And as log cabins started popping up all over the western landscape, it looked so natural and fit so perfectly, as if it had always been there.

Log cabins have such a rich history that is seeing a major revival today. As more and more people are yearning for simpler lives, we’re seeing a resurgence in log cabin culture like we’ve never seen before. And now, after thousands of years of experience, we are able to build these structures in all kinds of easy, creative, and efficient ways that our ancestors would not only have been amazed at, but truly proud of.

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