Another DIY Braided Rug Tutorial: Recycling Old Towels

This Braided Rug is made from recycled towels. It is yet another of those DIY projects that comes from a previous generation of thrifty men and women that knew the meaning of "Waste not, want not"!

Braided rugs can be made from any material.

I am of the demographic that I had a mother that actually made these rugs, and they became the heavy duty doormat outside the front and back doors. I was only a little girl then, but I remember watching her braid the pieces then stitch them together. These well-made rugs lasted for many years. The ones my mother made were made from old clothing and fabrics and not from bath towels. I can see where this style from towels would offer a perfect mat to step out of the bath or shower onto as it would be absorbent and soft.

You can make these braided rugs from towels that you are feeling 'have seen better days!' Instead of throwing them into the rag big, you can recycle them into a bathmat. OR, if you love this idea so much and you want to make a designer rug to match your bat room, you can purchase three brand new towels and have a fun time making this for yourself.

These would also be pretty fantastic Christmas or birthday gifts for friends and family.

The tools needed are simple. Thread, scissors, a sewing machine and of course towels. You can make your rug in a multi-color design, or you can do it one color. The choice is yours. The rug shown uses three large towels. Gosh! I am getting inspired to make on of these myself.

Please visit the 'Sisters of the Wild West' website below to get full instructions and see photos on how to make your own braided rug.

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