UFO And Alien Sightings: 10 Of The Best From 2014

It is reported that only 2/10 UFO sightings are real, but that being said...that means that 2/10 UFO sightings are legitimate from excellent sources. Yes, there is still an ongoing debate about the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrial life, however the longer this debate goes on the harder it is to believe that there are not UFOs.

If there are aliens among us, then why do we not see them? Perhaps they do not always look like what we see on TV, and perhaps they do not want to be seen by the human race that can be so cruel to new and different creatures, as they fear for their own safety among on.

In 2014 there were multiple mysterious aircrafts spotted and some of the most interesting are as follows.

1.) An eyewitness reported to seeing a spinning white object that was shapeshifting over the Canadian eastern seas.

2.) A Youtube video shows what may be a fighter jet destroying a giant alien in the dessert in New Mexico. The words include 'throbbing jellyfish'.

3.) A CCTV camera catches a UFO flying past on a dark industrial street.

4.) A UFO attacks a Taliban camp in Afghanistan, opening fire and explosions.

5.) In London a series of photos show a strange spinning object in the sky that floats away.

6.) Photos reveal a strange beam of light with a stunned dear, showing some sort of communication.

7.) Strange triangle objects are spotted flying over Texas.

8.) An amateur photographer takes a picture of a mysterious aircraft crossing the sky.

9.) A UFO is spotted on Mars.

10.) A German airport has to cancel and delay a flight when a strange object is reported above head.

For more details about these top 10 even in 2014, check out the website link below to the 'Mirror'.

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